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Aseer the Duke of Tiers is a Muur, a spiritual advisor, a fine artist, writer, sculptor, teacher, lecturer, and talented musician. He holds a doctorate in Jurisprudence; with an emphasis in practical application of Moorish Science and Metaphysics.
Some of his accomplishments have been:

A former writer for The Source, Rap Pages, and The Amsterdam News

Fine Artist with gallery shows in America, Japan, and Eu-Rope

Lecturer at Universities such as Long Island University, Medgar Evers, The Fashion Institute of Technology, City College, and Pratt Institute

Chairman of Moorally Correct Films

Teacher of Art, Science, Chess and History throughout public and private schools in New York and abroad

Frequent guest of Brother Leroy Baylor's syndicated radio broadcast show

Aseer the Duke of Tiers has studied Moorish Science and the history of the original man and woman for over 15 years. He has given many interviews and lectures on the subject of Moorpogenetics, and the Science of the Muurs connection to the Moorphogenetic grid. Aseer has been recognized as one of the true voices of our time.

Aseer the Duke of Tiers can be contacted for scheduling and bookings via email at: HouseofEl@hotmail.com, He can also be visited at www.aseerthedukeoftiers.com

    cosmic Countdown - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers speaks on the inevitable reality of 2012, it's coming affects on all original peoples. Breaking through the illusions of time, this DVD is live and answers the questions of the people. Brother Rich from the Underground Railroad provides the forum for this to take place. Essentially this DVD helps separate fact and fiction of this great Celestial event.

    The Science of Superheroes and the Moorphogenetics of Comic Books, 1 - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer The Duke Of Tiers reveals the history of comic books, the secret cabal of Caucasian Quabalists that control the current industry; and how all comic characters come from the archetypical characters which have their origins in ancient Moorish history. A must for anyone who enjoys mysteries of the fantasy realms and anyone who really wants to reclaim their imagination.

    The Science of Superheroes and the Moorphogenetics of Comic Books 2 Sigilmancy - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke Of Tiers delves into the dark art of Sigilmancy and its hold on the population through symbolic perverse imagery. For the first time ever learn the true names of the Secret Societies who covertly broke the Moors global dominance in Spain. Dr. Strange's connection to Dr. Pascal Beverly Randolph; Winston Churchill the Druid, Blackholes, Computers and much More.

    Moorphogenetic Theology - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer The Duke Of Tiers brings the universal science of the Neo-Moorish Renaissance to the brothers and sisters of the world. Moorphogenetic theology is the Science of the Moors connection to the Morphogenetic field of the planet. A metaphysical and scientific analysis of our limitless potential and how to tap into it.

    Your Moorish & Kemetic Story at the Brooklyn Museum - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers and Celina the Empress of 10,000 years travel to the Brooklyn Museum where they expose the relics of our illustrious history. Aseer decodes the the symbolism and icons outside and within the museum. He also reveals the hidden Moorish rooms created by illuminist John D. Rockefella. This is the first in a series of DVD's revealing the Moorish architecture most aren't aware is around them everyday.

    Native Blood:Live from the Shinnecock Pow Wow- $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers comes to us live from the Shinnecock Pow Wow, among the so called "Indian" Moors of the Shinnecock nation. Here, he reveals the unifying history of Indian Moors ,and Negroes. Accompanied by Supa Nova Slom, and Celina the Empress of 10,000 years this is a must see. Especially for those with "Indian in they family".

    The Currency of Metaphysical Hip-Hop - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers, Brother A.A. Rashid, El Philthmoor, and P. Moor discuss the current state of Hip Hop and the rap industry. They also discuss the metaphysical subtitles of the decaying rap game, the players, who's selling us out and what we can do about it for real. A must see for all music lovers, and hip hop fans.

    The Birth Record - 20.00 + Shipping view sample

    Hannibal Barca A Moorish Blueprint For Global Conquest - $20.00 + Shipping view sample

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers reveals the family history of Hannibal Barca the Carthaginian General. In this DVD Aseer delves into the facts of Hannibal and his tactics; and how the United States mercenary army uses his stratagem in Global War of terror. A must see.

    Unlocking Histeries Mysteries - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers unlocks some of histories mysteries in a thought provoking analysis of the original man and woman. Brother Sa Neter of the Underground Railroad asks the questions the average person wants to know. Excerpts from this tape have received over 9,000 hits to date. Enjoy!!

    What The F**k A Moorish Overview Of Modern Sex - $35.00 + Shipping (4 discs 9 hour lecture)
    view sample

    Black Nazi's Rise of the 4th. Reich - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer the Duke of Tiers comes with the real as he exposes the origins of Nazism and the grafted made devil. He also discusses the ancient Moorish origins of all the nobility of Europe,and much, much more. Amazing, In depth, the truth revealed!!

    Biblical Exogesis - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer The Duke Of Tiers delves yet again into the mysteries of the coming Dark Rift phenomena also known as the "Great Awakening" and what it means for both the original man and woman. Part 2 shows Brother A.A. Rashid and the true Kabblastic meaning of Abraham and its relevance to the bible and the human soul. A classic watch indeed

    Decoding Occult Symbolism In Film - $20.00 + Shipping

    Aseer The Duke Of Tiers opens up this lecture with a summary on comic books and the science and sorcery involved in the story lines. After which, Brother A.A. Rashid gives us the Spiritual Necromancy behind Hollywood. A must see!!


    Moorphogenetic Cosmogony - $40.00 + Shipping

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